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good morning. thanks for starting this wet morning with us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. we are waking to wet roads and more showers coming down right now. >> when are they going to move out? >> a lot are starting to move out. you can look at live doppler at 4:30 this morning best radar returns into the east bay valleys into the central valley and towards the diablo range into the southern sections of the santa clara valley. around mount omnium we are getting the best returns towards morgan hill towards gilroy sliding south and east. up to the north afternoon weather, more showers, more thunderstorms, more hail in the forecast as we head through the afternoon and friday evening.
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before we get there, look how cool today, mid to upper 50s coast. the worst of the weather is over now, there's a lot of ponding on the roads. that's right. good morning. live look at golden gate bridge you can see how wet it is standing water is going to be the culprit this morning so take it easy, watch your speeds. golden gate bridge clear. flooding westbound 580 north livermore in the left lanes, a couple accidents this morning. there is one there now in lane number, west 580 north livermore south 101 blossom hill accident blocking a lane there. the kind of morning when we expect to see a lot of accidents keep checking with us before you head out. some are braving this weather now waiting in line for something they desperately
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need. katie marzullo is live in san jose. >> reporter: that thing is food. we are at san jose community service. look at this line you can see where it starts and tents set-up. as we pan, people brought their own tents, tarps and umbrellas, desperate for these food boxes they are willing to wait in the rain, the line goes to this corner at first street, turns the corner and goes halfway down the block. they are waiting to register for the food boxes they get to sign up for two, one for thanksgiving and one for christmas. organizers this year saying the lines are not necessarily -- necessary that they are going to have enough food. clearly people aren't willing to take any chances. >> blankets and food.
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and a tent. >> some of them have parttime jobs where they used to have fulltime jobs, they are really struggling now assets drying up quickly. >> reporter: in addition to the food, people can sign up to get toys for the holidays. organizers have 16,000 toys to give away this year. the doors at san jose community service open at 7:30 this morning. they close at 6:00 this evening. people registering for the food they are going to need for the holiday season. katie marzullo, abc7 news. president obama set to make his first post election comments today about actions needed to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff that could plunge the economy back into resection. the president will ask republicans and democrats to work together. he will speak from the
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white house at 10:00 this morning, our time, about tax increases and spending cuts that will come automatically if congress doesn't act before january 1st. more coming up in the next half hour. new report shows bay area job market should expand more quickly. the bay area -- job totals should expand by 7.2% overall. professional and business services will grow the most quickly over two years. education and health care are expected to grow by 10%, leisure and hospitality will expand by 9%. the only bay area job losses are expected to come from government agencies. moraga school board president has abruptly resigned hours after winning reelection tuesday. the district superintendent e-mailed parents last night
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about the resignation, effectively immediately. the school district has been receiving criticism over its handling of a sex abuse lawsuit. kristen cunnane is suing for the covering up of sex abuse years ago by teachers. the district stayed her carelessness or negligence may have played a role in what happened. mountain view police have shutdown a drug lab producing a psychedelic substance used by shaman in the amazon. the drug is known as dmt which authorities say is 10 times more powerful than lsd. ama daetz has more. >> reporter: crews worked well into the night to safely dispose of this drug lab discovered in the day when police and s.w.a.t. team
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raided two apartment complexes. >> it is a hallucinogen, fast-acting, illegal from what we know this may be the first lab of this kind in the bay area. >> reporter: police were tipped off by neighbors. this neighbors, says people would come and go from the apartment at all hours. she says, it smelled. >> they had this barbecue on the side and they were never cooking anything you could smell burning plastic. >> reporter: dmt is found in plants shamans in the amazon are known to use it in a ceremonial drink. this is what it looks like up close. it was still in the process of being made they found plant material, acid and other unknown chemicals, they also recovered, heroin, meth and marijuana and several guns. three people were arrested.
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the man who owns the building says he knew his tenants smoked a little but had no idea about the lab. >> sometimes a little late on the rent, i don't hear illegal, fighting. >> reporter: police expect to make more arrests. they haven't released a dollar amount, they tell me a gram of dmt goes upwards of $900. ama daetz, abc7 news. residents in san anselmo are dealing with a second sewage spill 10,000 gallons of raw sewage poured out after a homeowner drove a stake accidentally into a pipe. workers were alerted yesterday but it had been going on for several days some sewage was coming out of manhole covers. optimism about sierra ski resort operators this morning they may open soon.
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aggressive snow-making operation helped mammoth mountain open yesterday. visitors were greeted with intermittent snow flurries mixed with the real stuff that fell last month. new snow is falling again the machines are fired up, they have been for a while now they are getting help from mother nature. one of the few seasons they could open before thanksgiving, we'll see. >> the snow machines fired up and skiers get fired up, let's find out from mike what they have to be fired up about. what we're talking about is snow in the sierra, chains required on 80 and 50. here live doppler, still have a lot of cloud cover, radar
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returns are less moving east. altamont pass, tesla road, as you head out 205 and 580 towards tracy where we are looking at the better chance of wet weather. south bay out of san jose on 101 towards san martine, a little rain there, heavier rain on the santa theresa boulevard. there is some snow in the higher elevations, it is coming down and there will be a dusting on hamilton, better chance tonight. the low is coming towards us, as it does, it is going to kickoff more showers and thunderstorms. this low is the break from this morning into the early afternoon. cool temperatures, mainly 40s through 7:00, partly cloudy low to mid 50s noon showers back by 4:00 especially during the evening look how chilly
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upper 40s to 50 for evening. saturday, sunday, monday, drying trend, back into the 60s by monday away from the coast. good morning. wet roads the culprit this morning give yourself extra time, bay bridge a little busy, no delays into san francisco, no metering lights there. wet roads on the san mateo bridge, headlights headed eastbound towards hayward tail lights towards foster city, clear, san jose northbound 87 past hp pavillion, light, wet. can't stress to take your time, flooding westbound 580 north livermore that accident cleared out of lanes. start starting to slow a little out of central valley up and over the altamont pass. accident southbound 80 ramp to 280 in san jose not blocking lanes off to the right.
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folks watch that flooding especially if you are leaving in the next hour or so. video game created by a silicon valley company gets a group of navy seals in serious trouble. why they are being disciplined. bay area transportation leaders consider ways to limit information they keep on clipper and fastrak users. verizon reaching out to help victims of hurricane sandy. offering free domestic texan voice use aim and -- useage for customers in new jersey and new york. samsung's galaxy has topped apple's iphone it sold 18 million units in the 3rd quarter. pinterest is adding more privacy, users will be able to create up to three secret
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boards accessible by invitation-only. shoppers virtually browse in some of the world's most fashionable cities if they like what they see they the arteries of your dishwasher are constantly clogging up with grease and lime scale. use finish dishwasher cleaner every month to keep your machine in sparkling health. for shining results, finish dishwasher cleaner.
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here's a look at 87 in san jose the rain has stopped, it has moved away from this area it just fell 45 minutes ago as you can see on thrive doppler, light shower pushing through there. drying trend over the next hour and a half, the later you leave this morning the more likely you are not going to deal with rain. developing news in san francisco. lightning has sparked a power outage.
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pg&e says lightning blew out three transformers. at this hour, fewer than 100 customers are impacted. crews are working now no word when power will be back on. this is related to the storm. the navy punishing seven members of the seal team 6 for helping a redwood city company develop a new video game medal of honor war fighter seals worked as consultants they've received letters of reprimand for disclosing classified information. the seals' pay will cut in half for two months. one was on the mission that killed bin laden. four other seals are under investigation. palo alto police department holding first virtual ride-along on twitter. public information officer will be ridinging with a patrol officer between 5 p.m. and 1 a.m. with live tweets
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about service calls, crimes in progress, accidents and arrests. they will answer any questions. officials say their goal is to give the community insight into the realitys of law enforcement in palo alto. -- the privacy battle between fastrak, clipper card users and transit officials will be up for discussion today, transportation commission considering changes to the way it stores card holder information, specifically how long data is stored. current policy allows up to seven years. the mta says private information is well protected. civil rights advocates says storing data that long
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violates privacy. why necessarily is pulling a -- why nestle is pulling a popular ding off store shelves. -- popular drink off store shelves. why you want to make sure young drivers get plenty
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check out the forecast for 3:00 in the afternoon temperatures are going to hit mid to upper 50s partly sunny another round of showers moving into the north bay at that time sweeping south across the bay during the latter parts of the afternoon into the evening. traveling the state, snow near the grapevine call ahead and make sure everything is fine there i'm sure it is just wet. snow showers still around tahoe and our next batch developing now to the north. you can see all the areas that
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is going to get that -- that going to get wet weather, tahoe tops out 30, 50s and 60s across the state. preliminary hearing continues this morning for a u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 afghan civilians. 39-year-old sergeant bales has been charged with the murders. nine of the victims in the march attack were children. u.s. army dna expert testified yesterday that bales had the blood of at least four people on his clothes and guns when he surrendered. he has not entered a plea. secretary of state clinton says the state department and pentagon are reviewing security at high threat diplomatic posts around the world.
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lastest response to the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that killed ambassador stevens and three other americans. clinton paid tribute to stevens at the state department yesterday she presented his widow ann with an award. she called him a fallen hero who understood that diplomacy requires risk-taking. this morning police in ken bunk, maine are expected to re-- johns involved in that ma prosecution scandal. police have released the names of 39 men charged with soliciting prostitution. the 29-year-old is accused of secretly recording the encounters and keeping a list of more than 150 clients. she has pleaded not guilty. police are at gas stations in new york to enforce a new rationing plan that lets motorists fill-up every other
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day imposed in new york city and long island because something had to be done to ease long waits which they say has caused panic buying and hoarding after superstorm sandy. rationing has been underway in knowledge for a week. a nor'easter that knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of new people, has he raised some of the progress made by -- has erased some of the progress made by crews. step forward, step back. today, no sympathy for those of you dealing with wet weather all of us are getting it. it is going away. >> it is going away quickly. the embarcadero downtown san francisco, traffic moving well even though the streets are wet, even a little ponding, we don't see wet weather to the southeast across the ferry building towards the bay bridge. doppler showing the ring of rain from the south bay
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through the diablo range into the central valley starting to move away interest us which is good news for the -- away from us, which is good news for the morning commute. you can see the clearing trend up to our north. that also means temperatures are going to get cooler than they are now, cool as it is. a little wet weather fremont, through the sunol grade, on 101 from morgan hill towards gilroy still a few showers santa cruz mountains, snow there to the east of san jose on mount hamilton. visibilities are well, we don't have much fog, if any out there. we won't until the next couple of mornings. 37 in santa rosa, the rest of us in the low to mid 40s, until you get to oakland, mountain view and san jose, 47. the next two nights are going to be cooler. we are in the mid to upper 40s monterey bay and inland.
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we have showers this afternoon and evening a chance of thunder and small hail again like we had during the overnight hours around hayward snow showers down to around 3,000 feet which means snow on diablo also next two nights coolest we've had since the spring months. here's a look at the low coming towards us, once it sits on top of us that going to be the core of the coldest air and going to do that later this afternoon unstable once you add heat this is what happens, first wave moves out by the end of the morning rush break during the lunch hour next batch north bay 3:00 sweeps across the bay during the evening hours as we head towards the overnight hours best chance of showers over the ocean. if you are heading up to the sierra, we have snow and a lot up to a foot at our highest elevations snow left has deposited to around 3,000 feet. wonder -- has dropped to
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around 3,000 feet. here's a look at your seven day, chilly tonight, colder tomorrow night, we could have frost in the north bay valleys, increasing sun and warmth, mid 60s monday, tuesday around the bay inland 60 coast before temperatures stay the same wednesday thursday going to be mainly dry after today. >> good morning. now to truckee, tahoe snow on the roads here just a bit we have chain requirements. you can see the snow about a foot on the ground, roads are open, chains required, 50 to meyers, here on 80 from nyack to truckee. that's a live look at truckee now good for skiers not so good for drivers. live look at macarthur maze traffic flowing nicely from 580, 880, 80 into the bay bridge toll, no metering lights this is southbound 101
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through marin, no problems no roadwork due to the overnight rain. southbound -- 87 northbound headed to san jose no problems here, light, we have a bart delay, richmond line in the fremont richmond millbrae direction due to obstruction on track 10 to 15 minutes no other delays for has transit west 580 north livermore pooling in the left lane slow out of the central valley not bad, be aware that could be a traffic hazard accident still partially blocking ramp southbound 880 ramp to southbound 280. 4:56. nestle recalling more than 200,000 containers of chocolate drink mix because of possible salmonella contamination it covers the canisters that say best to use by october 2014, three sizes,
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the two smaller containers have a promotion for disney movie wreck it ralph on the side. nestle says you can return for a full refund. new survey reveals younger drivers are more likely to drive while drowsy than older drivers. one in seven between 16 and -- aaa says one in six deadly accidents involve drowsy drivers. the study released with the start of drowsy driving awareness week. next, kidnapped from work. bay area woman is tied up, gagged and taken for a ride. what police are saying about her ordeal. do you recognize this man? oakland police are anxious to get him off the road.
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we have a power outage in san francisco with lightning -- developed with lightning appropriate for in storm. more on this coming up.
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